Alkimos FC is holding trials for their Men’s Amateur and Metro squads on 14th November at 10:30am.

All positions are up for grabs as we prepare to go again for another year!

PLEASE NOTE: to attend you will need to register your interest by emailing

Trials for our Women’s, Kids and Masters to be announced soon!

Adam McElroy the Alkimos FC Club Captain for 2021 has a passion for fitness and nutrition, and has already worked with many of our current players, assisting them through injury, improving their match day preparation and more.

This evidence-based program is designed for anyone looking to develop their physique ahead of the new season.

Whether you played last season or not, this program will help you prepare for the new season and ensure that; your sprints are quicker, you can sustain your efforts for longer, you are stronger in 1v1 situations and, you decrease your risk of injury.

Over four-phases spanning 14-weeks, you can select a three-day (gym-novice) or four-day

(gym-intermediate) training plan based on either your level of resistance training experience or availability to train.

Regardless of which you choose, this program will have you ready-to-go bigger, faster and stronger for the season ahead.

Program Features 

  • Four specialised and sequenced phases – 14-weeks of programming in total.
  • Targeted exercise selection for increased leg-muscle development.
  • Sets, Reps, and Intensity recommendations for each exercise progressed weekly.
  • YouTube links to each exercise to help you with lift set up and execution.

All this for as less than $3.50 per week!!

Purchase the Off Season Muscle Development Gym Program today!